In many ways, technology is influencing the way we execute our routine
tasks. Technology is changing our lives for the better by bringing people
closer, making them more proficient in completing their responsibilities
transparently. From smooth communication to remarkable business
automation, technology is helping all sectors in business and governmental
activities. Software solutions make employees more productive by
converting their daily work routines into a focused and time-bound activity.
New business technologies help employees perform tasks right, doing away
with the need to amend costly errors later. Every advantage that employees
obtain from automation means that the business owner is also equally
benefitted with higher profits, productivity, and growth.

Container trading & leasing business is intricate that needs employees to be on their
toes continuously, grabbing opportunities in the first instance by providing prompt
answers to customer enquiries and going that extra mile to keep prospects happy.
Software tools that assist all major functions in container trading automatically lead to
time-saving and smooth advancement of the work cycle. Employees stay focused on
what’s essential, without having to wade through voluminous physical documents.

Shipping containers are assets that generate value for their owners because of their
potential to be in continuous use and without resting idle, wanting for customers. The
proficiency with which businesses can supervise such assets will dictate how well the
business owner can generate a steady revenue stream and maintain profitability.

Strong reporting features in established container trading and leasing solutions offer
sharp business insights to monitor the portfolio of high revenue generating stock, while
also identify stocks that are performing poorly. Decisions based on data and ROI will
ensure that businesses stay resilient and profitable. Companies taking data-driven
decisions have consistently outperformed competitors. Such companies maintain a
prominent lead over others in every sphere of their activity, and display admirable
wisdom with an ability to foresee fluctuating demand patterns and customer

iTrade is an exclusive web-based software answer for your global container trading
operations. It takes care of all key activities in container trading right through
procurement, maintenance, and repositioning to container sales. A well-designed alert
mechanism and reporting ability are value additions incorporated into the iTrade
package. The trading cycle begins with procurement, possession, maintenance & repair,
repositioning, to sale and release. Organizational structure and hierarchy can be built in
and user roles configured based on hierarchy and control access rights. Customers can
access the web portal on request, and they can also purchase containers through the

The digital revolution that’s sweeping across the world will influence the global
maritime industry to take a path that leads to sustained growth and progress.
Standardization methods, such as electronic data exchange, are firmly entrenched
today, and the shift towards digitization and automation is gaining traction. In such an
environment, it is vital that all sectors allied to shipping – including those in the
business of container trading and leasing adapt to innovative ways of working to
maintain their lead over others.

iTrade presents an extensive range of advantages to users. Its modules comprise
Masters and Admin, Container Procurement, Maintenance and Repair, Gate
Operations, Container Sale, Rentals, Reporting.

Key capabilities that accompany the modules:

Complete visibility of assets worldwide
Purchase Orders, quotes, invoice, and sale release documents
Organizational structure, roles and rights masters
Month & area wise profitability report
Monitor container-wise profit & loss at different levels
Summary of your inventory, profitability and outstanding invoices
Re-delivery cap quantity on rental contracts
Buy or hire the containers based on color codes
Option to fix delivery cap quantity on rental contract
Fix re-delivery cap quantity on rental contract
Option to override the cap quantity by the HO users
Storage and other cost incurred report
Quick retrieval of container history
Container-wise profit & loss statistics
On-hire fleet report / Utilization report
Quick uploads through MS Excel templates for bulk procurement and sales
Option for credit payment mode for purchase of containers
iInterchange Systems is VS&B Container group’s software solutions wing, brings
you specialized software solutions for the container shipping and logistics industry
world-over. With leading edge software solutions from iInterchange, you’re
strengthening a business relationship with a company that recognizes your present and
future needs. iTrade will prove one of your best value additions to take your operations
Let’s assist you on the journey ahead!