The technological landscape world over is shifting more rapidly than ever before. Businesses are recognizing the burning need to refine their focus on digital transformation in order to advance an edge over competitors by offering superior service to customers, earn trust and retain their loyalty for life. The promise of new technologies principally revolves around the ability to expand human intellect and make better decisions. Technology presents opportunities for business enterprises to remodel their business models and fetch superior yield from their operating models. Companies that are better equipped and skillful at taking advantage of these new-age technologies will seize significant competitive gain and become prepared to counter challenges head on.

Tank container leasing business is complex and needs the focused attention of employees to do their best, grab opportunities on the go and provide prompt resolutions to customer queries. Proven software tools assist employees to smoothly address their routine work challenges, leading to remarkable efficiency and smooth advancement of work cycles. Employees stay focused on essential tasks without having to scrutinize physical documents.

iTankDepo is a specialized software solution for your tank container depot to manage all complex operations. Built on the latest Mircosoft.Net platform, iTankDepo addresses your pain points and improves operational efficiency. It handles gate moves and tank container M&R in a cohesive manner with comprehensive tracking of tank inventory. iTankDepo qualifies you to perform activity-wise customer billing and generate multiple business-critical reports.

The chief highlights of iTankDepo:

  • Configure customer database with specified tariffs
  •  Maintain tank container product datasheets with default cleaning rates.
  • Capture tank specific & testing details
  • Record gate moves and manage M&R activities
  • Generate EDI
  • Control periodic tank testing with timely reminders
  • Easy tracking of tank inventory
  • Instantaneous tank & product search
  • Tank statuses update in batch
  • Essential validations to ensure data integrity
  • Customizable invoicing/print/email rules per customer
  • Multiple estimate versions
  • Multiple currencies
  •  Slab wise storage charges
  • Draft facility for all invoices
  • Extensive reporting
  •  Inbuilt print & email tool
  •  Multiple export option (MS Excel & PDF)
  •  Integration with existing apps & systems
  •  Activity-based client & third party billing
  • Create credit/debit notes and miscellaneous invoice
  • Automate daily movement and stock reporting
  • Predefined KPI's to monitor and create operational reports
  • Configurable role rights
  • Audit trail

iTankDepot’s comprehensive documents and reporting features handle work orders, test reports, estimates and certificates with automated daily movement and stock reporting. Pre- defined KPIs to monitor operations are incorporated. Decisions based on data and ROI will ensure that your tank container depot enterprise stays resilient and profitable. Companies which take decisions based on insights provided by data have consistently outperformed competitors. Such companies maintain a prominent lead over others in every sphere of their activity, and display admirable wisdom with an ability to predict changing demand patterns and customer preferences.

The global maritime industry is on a path to sustained growth and progress, largely aided by the digital revolution sweeping across the world. Standardization methods, such as electronic data exchange, are firmly established, and the shift towards digitization and automation is gaining momentum. In such an environment, it is vital that all sectors allied to shipping – including those dealing in tank containers, adapt to innovative ways of working to maintain their lead over

Increasing number of customers are joining the digital ecosystem now. Putting in place a robust online presence with cutting-edge software tools as support is the need of the hour to stay in the limelight in today’s competitive business arena. The Business Research Company states that the global ISO tank containers market size is expected to grow to US$1.57 billion in 2026 at a CAGR of 8.6%. The opportunities are immense for those who stay tuned to market trends and adapt to the emerging working methodologies.

iInterchange Systems is VS&B Container group’s software solutions wing that brings you specialized software solutions for the container shipping and logistics industry world-over. By employing modern-age software solutions from iInterchange, you’re consolidating a business relationship with a company that knows your present and future needs. iTankDepo will prove one of your best value additions to take your operations into the future.

Let’s assist you as you traverse the road ahead!