iInterchange Systems

is a Specialist Software Solution Provider for the Container Shipping and Logistics Industry Worldwide.

The concept of iInterchange is conceived, delivered and managed by people drawn from the Shipping industry, who bring in substantial industry knowledge. This background helps us build solutions that address the exact needs of our customers. Our constant relationship with the industry and a combination of our domain knowledge and technology expertise helps us to quickly address its changing needs.

As a software products development company, the portfolio of industry players we serve includes Ocean Carriers, Container Leasing and Trading Companies, NVOCCs, Freight Forwarders, Container Freight Stations, Container Depots and Tank Operators.

Our Culture

We are a young and vibrant team located in our Offshore Development Centre in Chennai, India.

Driven by excellence and innovative thinking, our passion for the industry we serve shines through in our products and our customer-first approach. The structure of the organization offers enough opportunities for every member to learn and grow as per well-defined individual career growth plans. We believe that creating a customer-first culture starts with creating an employee-first culture.

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