Container Maintenance & Repair Solution

iMARS is a container maintenance and repair solution, which is an intelligent aid for ocean carriers and container leasing companies. It provides a common platform for all stakeholders of the M&R activity, to handle their respective business processes in a transparent and efficient manner.

iMARS is a modular product. It comprises of separately installable modules like M&R workflow, depot tariff validations, present approval validations, proforma invoice and reporting.

This container maintenance and repair software, adds value to owner’s operations by enabling them to record their approvals and helping make decisions quicker. It targets to improve the approval time for M&R managers, thus improving efficiency of depots, and provide measurable cost saving on the M&R activity.


Evaluate and Maintain Health of Container Fleet

  • Easy adoption of customer’s M and R workflow
  • Validations on repair codes
  • Configurable approval process

Advanced Estimate and Tariff Management

  • Complex tariff captured in a user friendly manner
  • Different types of slab rates and calculation methods
  • Quick estimate entry (EDI integration possible), tariff validated
  • Ability to handle inservice/ offhire and emergency (DM in LADEN) estimates

Estimate Auto-Evaluation

  • Unique feature applied to estimates to aid M&R user’s decision making
  • Set predefined rules for M&R process
  • Passport concept (comparing repair cost vs depreciated value).
  • Equipment-based Special Instructions
  • Many other evaluation rules built in

Comprehansive Reporting and Self-Billing

  • Repair bills payable to repair companies auto-generated
  • Operational and management analysis reports
  • Enables analyzing performance of various trading partners
  • Quickly identify root cause of repeated issues and usage audit


  • Dashboard gives you a 360 degree overview of the complete operations of M&R across all locations.
  • Actions such as approvals can be taken on estimates right from the dashboard.


  • Estimates can be assigned to the recovery agents for follow up and recovery of repair cost
  • Flexible billing output can be taken from the system
  • Recovery file creation and transfer of files between recovery area/agents


  • An Intelligent aid for M&R managers
  • Quick turnaround time resulting in enhanced fleet utilization.
  • Results in a measurable cost saving of the M&R activity
  • A common platform for all the stakeholders of M&R activity to handle their respective business process in a transparent and efficient manner
  • A truly web based solution reducing the cost of ownership per user.
  • Well-defined SLAs to ensure you get the best support from iInterchange.

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