Enterprise Solution for Container Leasing

iCORAL is a complete container leasing management solution. Optimized to handle leasing operations of hundreds of thousands of containers, it is suitable for small, medium and large-scale operations.

With a comprehensive lease management module, it also covers all operations from procurement to sale of containers. Container leasing software is a web-based solution – once installed in a central location, it can be accessed by your offices all over the world. A proven, tried and tested architecture, which has evolved over several years, is put in use for creating iCORAL.


Customer Lease Management

  • On the fly lease document generation, multiple equipment size & types
  • Maintains version history and audit. Easy data entry – copy existing leases.
  • Workflow-based approval & lease term tailoring
  • General & customer specific terms
  • DPP terms, location-wise redelivery caps & shared caps
  • Different types of rates & payment terms

Leasing and Other Operations

  • Normal & repo booking – by qty & container nos.
  • Redelivery authorization, pick up and redelivery (manual)
  • Direct interchange between leases & customers, container lost & reinstatement
  • M&R workflow, recovery, batch sales, DRV/NBV calculators
  • Global inventory, depot inventory audit

Comprehensive Billing

  • Periodic & advance billing to customers
  • Customizable formats, option for draft and final versions
  • Late entry inclusion in the subsequent month
  • Self billing and miscellaneous invoices (with and without containers)
  • Billing archival

Procurement and Sale

  • Purchase workflow: purchase order generation, bulk procurement
  • Technical specification entry (product codes)
  • Common inventory for lease and sales
  • Sale workflow
  • Inventory check for ‘set to sale’ containers

EDI Data Acceptance

  • For gate moves: Gate Out, Gate In
  • For repair cycle: Repair estimate, survey request/ complete, repair approval, repair completion, post-repair survey, repair version history
  • Reverse EDI, repair revision history
  • ANSI ISO / UN EDIFACT formats supported

Smart Alerts and Enhanced User Experience

  • Alert mails wherever required
  • Post comments in the lease work flow
  • Booking and redelivery authorization mails
  • Alerts on billing completion
  • Reminders for selective details


  • Suitable to any fleet size: Also optimized for large-scale leasing
  • Easy to track unit history
  • Smart alerting mechanism to assist your day-to-day work
  • Designed to adapt to your business changes
  • Helpful tools (such as bulk upload, copy existing transaction options) provide an enhanced user experience
  • Schedule reports and billing services to run at predefined times
  • A truly web based solution reducing the cost of ownership per user.
  • Well-defined SLAs to ensure you get the best support from iInterchange

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