Specialized Solution for Tank Container Depots

iTankDepo is a tank container depot software that offers an all-in-one solution for your tank container depot to manage its operations. As a specialized software solution, it focuses on addressing your pain points and enhancing operational efficiency.It handles gate moves and tank M&R in a cohesive manner. Complete tracking of tank inventory and comprehensive support for tank depot activities is provided by this tank container depots software. iTankDepo also enables you to perform activity-wise customer billing and extract several business-critical reports.


Core Tank Depot Operations

  • Configure customer database with specified tariffs
  • Maintain tank product datasheets with default cleaning rates
  • Capture tank specific & testing details
  • Schedule relevant activities

Comprehensive M&R Activities Support

  • Repair estimates, approval and surveys. Multiple estimate versions
  • Handle periodic tank testing with timely reminders
  • Customer-repair tariffs
  • Estimate-wise photo upload

Instantaneous Search and Tracking

  • Search through tank and product database
  • Tank status updates in batch
  • Essential validations to ensure data integrity

Comprehensive Documents and Reporting

  • Work orders, test reports, estimates and certificate
  • Automated daily movement and stock reporting
  • Pre-defined KPIs to monitor overall operations

Extensive Invoicing Support

  • Customizable invoicing/ print/ email rules per customer
  • Draft facility for all invoices
  • Activity-based customer and 3rd party invoicing
  • Credit/ debit notes and misc invoices
  • Ability to integrate with your finance system

24x7 Support

  • Committed pro-active support to ensure customers get pre-validated data round-the-clock.


  • Multi-location, multi-currency support: scalable as your set-up grows
  • Extensive reporting: KPI’s to monitor operations
  • Receive periodic tank test reminders
  • Send approval requests and cleaning certificates in bulk
  • Quick and easy deployment: web-based solution
  • Well-defined SLAs to ensure you get the best support from iInterchange.

Client Talk about iTankDepo