The iInterchange Difference

The concept of iInterchange is conceived, delivered and managed by people drawn from the Shipping industry, who bring in substantial industry knowledge. This background helps us to build solutions that address the exact needs of our customers. Our constant relationship with the industry and a combination of our domain knowledge and technology expertise helps us to quickly address its changing needs. iInterchange’s ability to provide customer-specific solutions is supported by:

The Organization Structure

Expert Business Analysts

Practising professionals with rich industry experience and visionary insights

Proficient Development Team

Project Managers with a customer focus and qualified, well-trained developers

Innovative Technology Group

Ensuring we are always on top of the latest technology trends

Mature Processes and Methodologies

Governed by effective processes providing the foundation for stability and growth.

Diligent QA and Testing Team

Responsible for ensuring all our deliverables are of the highest standard

24×7 Support

Global round the clock support through well-defined SLAs

Our Capabilities

Our Technical Competencies

As a Microsoft™ Certified Partner, iInterchange Systems uses cutting edge technologies to develop solution-specific frameworks.

Our Architecture

A multi-tiered architecture ensures that applications are built to withstand high-data throughput over a long period of time.

Our Software Development Methodologies

We are able to choose the right method and appropriate practices for each project in order to minimize implementation time and cost, while maximizing business benefit and value to the customer.

Our Implementation Methodology

The development and delivery of a solution is performed through a series of well-defined phases, including extensive pre-release testing.

Our Communication Management

With a clear project team organization and a well-defined communication plan, iInterchange Systems facilitates effective and efficient communication between the stakeholders of the solution. The communication plan describes the roles and responsibilities at all levels through the various stages of the software development life cycle.