Human history is rife with incidents where people, companies and nations have viewed technology with an eye of suspicion, distrust, and fear. Whether that technology was the electric typewriter, computer, or even business automation that’s firmly entrenched today, it’s a fact that progress is irreversible, constant, and impractical to overlook. Businesses that choose to look the other way in terms of technology adoption are content working in outmoded ways. Eventually, they will get left behind in the race to achieve supremacy and face a hard time fighting for their own survival.

Computers and the internet revolution have facilitated technology to change radically the way things work, and how we can play our role in steering the progress we all want to achieve in our lives. Technology has brought humanity closer and changed our outlook, making us well-organized and competent, while enhancing the quality of living. From smooth and effective communication to extraordinary business automation, technology is lending remarkable support to every sphere of activity in small to medium and large business entities.

In a world that’s witnessing far-reaching changes in the way companies execute tasks, tank container depot businesses need to get proactive to harness the benefits offered by software tools and manage their daily challenges successfully. Well established software tools in tank container operations assist staff to overcome their routine tasks effectively, helping them achieve exceptional proficiency with seamless progression of work cycles. Employees thus stay focused on essential tasks without the need to sift through voluminous physical documents that’s the norm in manual work processes.

iTankDepo is a dedicated software solution that accomplishes all complex operations in your tank container depot operations. Using the latest Mircosoft.Net platform, iTankDepo addresses your daily concerns and enhances the overall efficiency of tank container depot your operations. Handling gate moves and tank container M&R cohesively with excellent tracking of tank inventory, iTankDepo generates manifold activity-wise customer billing and business critical reports, taking forward your
operations to the next level.

iTankDepo comes with the following features and benefits:

  • Simple Desktop Solution
  • Track and Record Gate & Estimate Moves
  • Handle Different Tariffs effectively in Estimates
  • Send Email Estimates in Bulk to Owners, Users
  • Gate Pass Generation for Inward & Outward Moves
  • Reserve Booking for Containers Billing for Local & Centralized Users
  • Handling, Storage, Repair Billing
  • Handle Tax & Service Rates
  • Depot Inventory & Container History
  • Quick Print & Email Options
  • Easy & Flexible Reporting
  • Quick EDI generation
  • Multiple Export Options (Excel, PDF)
  • Low Cost Deployment
  • Speed up Container Operations & Reporting
  • User- friendly interface Serve Multiple Customers
  • Automates Billing Generate Inward Pass
  • Accept and record Gate-in moves
  • Allow change of status
  • Prepare Repair Estimate with automatic tariff
  • Send Estimates to Owner & Lessee for Approval using Bulk Email
  • Update Repair Approvals
  • Perform repair and update completion for AV
  • Reserve Booking & Generate Outward Pass
  • Perform Gate-out
  • Handle Multiple Users & Roles
  • Customer specific Masters
  • Track units at different stages
  • Create Reports & Container History
  • Generate Customer Billing Periodically

iTankDepot’s inclusive documents and reporting feature manage work orders, test reports, estimates and certificates with automated daily movement and stock reporting. Pre-defined KPIs to supervise operations are incorporated. Decisions based on data and ROI ensure that your tank container depot enterprise stays resilient and profitable. Business entities taking decision based on intelligence provided by data have consistently outperformed competitors. Such companies maintain an unbeatable lead over others in all spheres of their undertakings and show commendable wisdom with an ability to predict changing demand patterns and customer choices.

The global maritime industry is on a road to continued growth and progress, primarily supported by the digital revolution sweeping all over the world. Standardization methods, such as electronic data exchange, are firmly established, and the shift towards digitization and automation is gaining impetus. Amidst such a buoyant atmosphere, it is vital that the shipping industry, including the allied businesses dealing in tank container depot operations, switch over to these newer ways of working to maintain their standing in the industry.

Establishing a forceful online presence with leading-edge software tools as support is the need of the time, considering that an increasing number of businesses today are joining the digital bandwagon. There are enormous opportunities for businesses that are fine-tuned to market trends and ready to adapt to the developing working methodologies. The Business Research Company states that the global ISO tank containers market size is estimated to grow to US$1.57 billion in 2026 at a CAGR of 8.6%.

iInterchange Systems is VS&B Container group’s software solutions division that offers specialized software solutions for the container shipping and logistics industry to its clientele spread world-over. With modern-age software solutions from iInterchange, you’re consolidating a relationship with a company that comprehends your present and future needs. iTankDepo will be one of your best value additions to take your operations into the future.

Let’s assist you on the road ahead!