The IT revolution has made it possible for technology to alter the way tasks are completed and how everyone of us can play an important role in guiding the advancement of our lives. Technology has improved our living standards by bringing people together, altering our perspectives, and refining our working methods with greater competence. Technology is providing spectacular support to every area of  operation in small to medium and large business firms, from effective communication to extraordinary business automation.

The digital revolution that is sweeping across the globe is essentially supporting the global maritime industry’s path to ongoing expansion and advancement. The move towards digitization and automation is gaining impetus, where standardization techniques such as electronic data sharing are well established. To preserve their position in the industry amidst such a positive environment, it is crucial that firms dealing in container depot operations shift gears and implement these innovative ways of functioning.

The fact that consumer tastes and market trends are changing constantly implies that companies must adapt to the newer working methodologies powered by software solutions. The kind of software a business employs to manage its day-to-day operations has an impact on how smoothly the processes operate in the background and deliver users timely alerts to guarantee that all procedural deadlines are met. The software that is tailored to your company’s requirements increases work output and generates value across the whole work cycle. By automating routine tasks, software solutions reduce costs and increase work efficiency. They replace extensive documentation that uses physical copies and aid in assessing productivity and optimizing business operations. The software you choose must work with your current systems, adhere to legal standards, and adapt to emerging technologies.

iDepo, the depot management system (DMS), is a web-based software that controls critical processes at a container depot, including gate moves, container surveys, and repair management. It assists you in providing better customer service by streamlining your depot operations. iDepo oversees tasks like gate moves, container maintenance and repair, bi-directional EDI, washing, pre-trip inspection, tracking of containers, comprehensive billing & documentation, and improved reporting assistance.

Characteristics and advantages of iDepo:

  • Multiple depot and repair location in one roof
  • Dashboards with overview of inventory with pending activity split, KPI’s and trends
  • Quick search of key references
  • Multi depot and repair location access for users
  • Paperless process using Tab view
  • Tariff management
  • Setup auto approval and survey Limits
  • Bi-directional EDI setup, invoice configuration and scheduling of reports
  • External access for partners to view inventory
  • Supports varied equipment
  • Manage gate movements and damageinspection
  • Reserve containers for release by grade, age, FIFO
  • Manage PTI for reefers
  • Manage depot, customer and agent repair tariffs
  • Manage multiple repair estimates for containers
  • Estimate capture along with images using Tab View
  • Manage survey and washing activities
  • Integrated EDI to /from shipping lines and leasing companies
  • Track EDI activities and resend
  • View historical information of equipment
  • Transfer ownership of equipment
  • Transfer equipment between yards
  • Hold or release of equipment
  • Raise bill against customer, party or agent based on billing frequency
  • Handling & storage, repair, washing and package invoices
  • Record payments against invoices
  • Integration with accounting systems.

Given that more and more companies are currently hopping on to the digital movement, creating a strong online presence with leading-edge software tools as support is imperative. Businesses that are fine-tuned to market trends and ready to adapt to evolving working styles have tons of opportunities to succeed and move ahead.

The software solutions wing of VS&B Container group, iInterchange Systems, caters to a global clientele by providing specialized software solutions for the container shipping & logistics sector. By utilizing cutting-edge solutions from iInterchange, you’re strengthening relationship with a partner firm who understands your current and future demands. One of your biggest value additions in moving forward your business will be iDepo.

Professionals from iInterchange have extensive understanding of the shipping sector. This industry specific background forms the core of iInterchange and enables the company to develop and implement solutions that accurately fulfil your stringent standards and demands.

Make your container depot an efficient workplace with iDepo. Let’s help you along the