Computers, IT systems, and the internet are becoming increasingly indispensable for our routine activities. Maintaining an online presence and the use of proven business software solutions are prerequisites to staying relevant in today’s competitive landscape.

Business critical activities that would otherwise be difficult and time-consuming to perform manually can be automated using business software solutions. By executing such activities swiftly and accurately, software solutions help companies save time and money. Without a tailor-made software, businesses will need to hire extra hands to perform those tasks. Using an appropriate business software, your container leasing business will experience smooth workflow and sustainable growth, together with a fundamental shift in how it operates and produces results with far-reaching consequences on its future.

Using the right software solution is crucial for automating an organization’s routine tasks. It increases the effectiveness and efficiency of your company’s operations, while streamlining processes and lessening workload. It helps eliminate human errors, thus enhancing efficacy and consistency.

Cloud based software solutions can store data in a central location that is accessible from any place with a PC and internet connection. Delegated individuals can get business critical information based on the access that the owner has provided, while the managers can monitor the progress of the business process. Regardless of the size and structural complexity of a company, it can significantly increase productivity and efficiency. Effective customer service leads to increased customer satisfaction and generates long-term revenues for a business.

Accuracy is another big factor behind employing a software application as it eliminates chances for errors. With the advancement of technology, these applications are becoming more sophisticated and easy to run, minimizing future business costs.

iCORAL is a complete Container Asset Management answer and one of the most sought after in the shipping container leasing industry. This container leasing software is the result of a tried and tested architecture that has developed over the years. Designed to handle leasing operations of hundreds of thousands of containers, it is the right solution for small, medium and large scale operations. It covers all processes from the purchase of containers through their sale, thanks to its comprehensive lease management module.

iCORAL’s core customer management features comprise Customer Strategy, Credit Ratings, Location specific repair rebill,  Customer specific Invoice Formats (Electronic and PDF), Lease Expiry Alerts,  Container Recovery, Tracking, CEU limits, Credit Control, Outstanding bookings, Redelivery authorization and Receivables.


How can container leasing businesses benefit from iCORAL?

  • Generate lease documentation for multiple equipment size & types with ease
  • Maintain version history and audit
  • Easy data entry by copying existing leases
  • Workflow-based approval & lease term tailoring
  • General & customer specific terms
  • DPP terms, location-wise re-delivery caps
  • Different rates & payment terms


  • Normal & repo booking – by quantity & container numbers
  • Redelivery authorization, pickup and re-delivery
  • Interchange between leases & customers, lost container & reinstatement
  • M&R workflow, recovery, batch-sales, DRV/NBV computations
  • Global inventory, depot inventory audit


  • Periodic & advance billing to customers
  • Tailored formats for draft and final versions
  • Late-entry adjustment in the subsequent month
  • Self-billing and sundry invoices
  • Billing archival


  • Purchase order generation and bulk buying
  • Technical specification entry (product codes)
  • Common inventory for lease and sales
  • Sale workflow
  • Inventory inspection for ‘set-to-sale’ containers


  • Gate Out, Gate In
  • Repair estimate, survey request, repair approval, repair completion, post-repair survey and repair version history
  • Reverse EDI, repair revision history
  • ANSI ISO / UN EDIFACT formats validated


  • Register comments in the lease work flow
  • Booking & redelivery authorization mails
  • Alerts upon close of billing


  • Suits all fleet size
  • Optimized for large-scale leasing
  • Easy to track unit history
  • Smart alerting apparatus to assist your daily work
  • Adapts to the company’s varying requirements
  • Helpful tools to deliver a heightened user experience
  • Schedule reports to run at prefixed intervals
  • Web-based solution that cuts the cost of ownership per user
  • Well-defined SLAs

iCORAL is the future operations and lease management system to support your company’s ongoing growth. It is a leading business critical solution that offers essential functionality accompanied by a level of support and development opportunity essential to maintain continuity in a changing business environment dominated by efficient systems and emerging technologies.

iCORAL is a premium container leasing solution from iInterchange Systems, the software division of VS&B Container group.

iInterchange Systems serves a global clientele by providing specialized software solutions for the container shipping and logistics sector. With innovative solutions from iInterchange, you are consolidating a relationship with a partner firm that understands your needs. iCORAL will emerge as one of your most valuable assets as your company grows.

Professionals from iInterchange Systems have in-depth knowledge of the maritime sector. The company’s core foundation lies in its industry-specific experience, which enables them to create and deploy solutions that adhere to the exacting standards and requirements of container lessors to guarantee value for money for their customers. End users vouch for iInterchange Systems’ professionalism, dedication and attention to detail.

Turn your container leasing business profitable with iCORAL. Let’s assist you on your journey!