The coming together of telecommunications, media, and computing has altered our ways of working and social interactions. Information is surging more rapidly than ever before via digital networks, changing every aspect of our mode of working and collaboration with the society. The consumer now exercises authority as an active member of an intricate network and is no more a passive observer at the mercy of sellers. Old fashioned business models are being challenged. Trends, innovations and marketplaces are advancing at a rapid pace. Today’s business leaders demand instant results and fulfilment in a world powered by the flow of information through the internet. Businesses will now have to review their current working models to stay relevant in a consumer-centric market that’s becoming increasingly proactive to meet fluctuating trends and consumer demands. Change is inevitable.

Shipping represents over 80% of world trade, where container depots are an integral part of helping in the smooth conduct of commerce between countries. The relevance of container depots in international trade and commerce is well known, and it’s vital that they reap the benefits of technology that are transforming other businesses in the rest of the world.

iDepo is a time-tested container depot reporting solution that’s easy to deploy and work with. It captures container gate moves & repair estimates and generates EDI for transmission to asset owners. iDepo allows generating estimates based on customer-specific tariffs. Depots can also use iDepo to generate invoices for storage and handling fees. It is a web-based software that manages critical container depot processes such as gate moves, container surveys, and repair management. Streamlining your depot operations helps you provide superior customer service. Gate moves, container maintenance and repair, bi directional EDI, washing, pre-trip inspection, container tracking, comprehensive billing & documentation, and improved reporting assistance are handled by the software.

How do container depot businesses benefit from iDepo?

  •  Generate inward pass
  •  Accept and record gate-in move
  •  Allow change of status
  •  Prepare repair estimate with automatic tariff
  •  Send estimates to owner & lessee with bulk email
  •  Bring up-to-date repair approvals
  •  Perform repair and update completion for AV
  •  Reserve booking & generate outward pass
  •  Perform gate-out
  •  Handle multiple users and roles
  •  Customer-specific masters
  •  Search for units at different stages using tracking feature
  •  Create reports & container history
  •  Generate customer billing periodically Simple desktop solution
  •  Track and record gate & estimate moves
  •  Handle different tariffs effectively in estimates
  •  Send email estimates in bulk to owners, users
  •  Allow gate pass generation for Inward & outward moves
  •  Reserve booking for containers
  •  Billing for local & centralized users
  •  Handling, storage, repair billing
  •  Handle Tax & Service rates
  •  Depot inventory & container history
  •  Quick print & email options
  •  Easy & flexible reporting
  •  Generate EDI swiftly
  •  Multiple export options (Excel, PDF)
  •  Provision to attach images
  •  Transparency of damages and repair throughout the repair process by sharing images at every stage
  •  Record material consumption during the repair process
  •  Provision to capture data of all ground activities with minimum usage of paper
  •  Quick glance of operation and finance data in graphical representation Low-cost deployment
  •  Speed up container operations & reporting
  •  User-friendly interface
  •  Serve multiple customers
  •  Automate billing

A solid online presence with innovative software tools as support is essential, considering that an increasing number of business concerns are currently joining the digital wave. Companies tuned in to market trends and prepared to change with the developing working practices have opportunities to prosper and advance. Technology helps deal with daily challenges such as report generation, growth tracking, and file management that frequently affect staff productivity. Software-assisted tools in modern businesses increase productivity and aid in reducing the time and money required to complete tasks. Giving employees access to the newest tools at work enables them to produce results with greater creativity and effectiveness.

iInterchange Systems, the software solutions division of VS&B Container group, serves a global clientele by providing specialized software solutions for the container shipping and logistics sector. By utilizing innovative solutions from iInterchange, you are strengthening your relationship with a partner firm that understands your current and future needs. iDepo will be one of your most valuable assets as your company grows.

iInterchange professionals possess a thorough understanding of the shipping industry. This industry-specific background is at the heart of iInterchange, allowing the company to develop and implement solutions that meet your stringent standards and demands.

Turn your container depot into a productive workplace with iDepo. Let’s assist you on your journey!