Technology makes way for businesses and their workforce to perform and
interrelate in ways not imaginable before the era of computers and
automation. The days when staff were tied down with face-to-face meetings
and cold conference calls are relics of the past. Today’s corporate teams can
work remotely, in real time, without the barriers of vast geographical
distances, and produce tangible results. Technology is the driving force that
empowers the application of novel working methodologies. Mobile devices,
the cloud, collaborative software, and other advances permit a genre of
flexibility that goes beyond the confines of the office space we have been
accustomed to. Times have changed, so it’s imperative that we keep pace
with the surrounding developments to advance and not get left behind in
the race to achieve supremacy.

In the world of container trading & leasing business, the competence with which a
company is able supervise its assets – which are primarily “shipping containers” rented
out for a fee, and the capability to apply direct control over these assets that generate a
steady revenue, forecast maintenance needs and prolong their service life will determine
how well the company can keep up the cash flow, maintain profitability and sustained

Robust reporting features in proven container trading and leasing solutions offer sharp
business acumen to track the portfolio of high revenue generating stock, while also
identifying those stocks that are not doing so well. Decisions based on data and ROI will
guarantee that businesses will stay buoyant and profitable. Companies taking data-
driven decisions have constantly performed exceedingly well. Such companies maintain
a prominent lead over competitors, and display admirable acumen with a well-defined
ability to predict fluctuating demand patterns and customer choices.

iTrade is an all-inclusive web-based software solution for your global container trading
operations. It takes care of all functions in container trading right through procurement,
maintenance, and repositioning to container sales. Provision for Masters, a well-
designed alert mechanism and reporting capability are value additions that come in the
iTrade package. The trading cycle starting from procurement, possession, maintenance
and repair, repositioning to sale and release. Organization structure and hierarchy can
be built in and user roles configured on the basis of hierarchy and control access rights.
Customers can access the web portal after they make a request, and they can also
purchase containers through the portal.

The advantages of digital transformation can take forward the global maritime industry
to a path of sustained growth and progress. Standardization measures, such as the use of
electronic data exchange, is firmly entrenched today. The transition towards digitization
and automation in the industry is gaining momentum. In such an environment, it is imperative that all sectors allied to shipping – including those in the business of
container trading and leasing adapt to the new ways of working.

iTrade offers a wide range of benefits to users. Its modules included Masters and
Admin, Container Procurement, Maintenance and Repair, Gate Operations, Container
Sale, Rentals, Reporting.

Key functionalities that come with the modules

  • Total visibility of assets worldwide.
  • 20+ masters, with currency, tax rate, and depot charge.
  • POs, sale quotation, sale invoice, and sale release documents.
  • Organizational structure, roles and right masters.
  • Month & area wise profitability report.
  • Capture business partner info such as depots, customers, vendors.
  • Re-delivery cap quantity on rental contracts.
  • Booking by quantity and by container.
  • Outstanding payments and receivables.
  • Fix redelivery cap quantity on rental contract
  • Facility to overrule the cap quantity by the HO Users.
  • Average of purchase and sale cost report.
  • Storage and other cost incurred report.
  • Quick retrieval of container history
  • Container-wise profit & loss statistics.
  • Sale invoices versus payments.
  • On-hire fleet report / Utilization report.
  • Alert emails.
  • Print and export documents to various formats.

VS&B Container group’s software solutions wing, iInterchange Systems, brings

specialized software solutions for the container shipping and logistics industry world-
over. With leading edge software solutions from iInterchange, you are strengthening a
business relationship with a company that recognizes your present and future needs.
iTrade will complement your company’s current success.

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