Technological novelties taking place today are restructuring business
enterprises, making their operations smooth, integrated, and highly
effective. These advancements have helped businesses execute their
tasks smoothly and perform better than ever before. Are you also in
step with such fast progressing technological innovations happening in
the workplace?

Employing modern software tools accompanies many benefits for business
entities, so dependence on such technology-driven innovations is increasing.
Besides enhancing a company’s work efficiency, it boosts the productivity of staff
and motivates them to achieve greater goals in their professional career. Using
such innovative ways to work, the urge to fulfil company objectives become the
collective responsibility of all employees. Technology allows staff to remain in
contact with each other at all times, even when they are outside the office
premises, and helps them finish urgent tasks.

With portable devices like smartphones, laptops and tabs powered by proven
software solutions, workforces today execute their tasks with a sense of
responsibility and self-fulfillment. All these attributes lead to optimized time
management that provides heightened potential for creativity and incubation of
new ideas within the workplace.

Effective information systems in the workplace turn organizations into a leaner
and less hierarchical entity. Supervisors can quickly delegate responsibilities,
review the work performed and boost the quality and quantum of successes
achieved. By concluding assigned tasks with little scope for errors, employees feel
jubilant about their victories and go about their daily job routine with renewed
vigor. The software that adapts to a company’s precise needs improves
productivity, drives value all the way down the work cycle, and fetches good
customer satisfaction. Besides measuring the output and reforming daily work
routines, software tools substitute time-consuming manual entry jobs. Such new
working methodologies serve stakeholders purposefully in an organized manner
and provide a clear roadmap to propel your company forward.

idex24 is a value-added Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transfer solution that
bonds container depots, factories and terminals with carriers and asset owners,
enabling a unified exchange of business documents. EDI is the electronic
interchange of business information using a standardized format that allows
information transfer via electronic means as a substitute for traditional physical
documents. idex24 is a value added data transfer solution with features that
include Clean Data Validation Service and Online Activity Status summary. The

software is backed by 24/7 support and integrates a handy roadmap for
enhancements and upgrades that promise a sharp competitive edge for users.
Switching over to a state-of-the-art software solution like idex24 will prove to be
the right step for ocean carriers and asset owners to take charge of their
operations. This timely transition will pave a concrete path to generate higher
sales, greater revenue, growth and profitability for your business. idex24
developed by iInterchange Systems is a groundbreaking, exclusive EDI software

Key features include:

  • Microsoft .Net technology – room for rapid application
  • Option to set data in TEST or LIVE mode
  • Manifold file transfer options using FTP/email/Web Upload/Web UI
  • Retrieval format as per customer need
  • Compatible with the current IT infrastructure
  • Wide tracking options
  • Email link for quick relay of repair estimates
  • Redelivery and release authorization to depot via EDI–standard COARRI
    and XML
  • Repair approval transmitted via EDI – standard COARRI and XML
  • Ten reporting options
  • Examine and analyze Gate-in / Gate-out activities
  • Export reports to MS-Excel
  • Management of Tariff, Repair Validation, Preset approvals, Photo

Key benefits:

Quantifiable cost savings
Improved repair turnaround time
Configurable present approval limits
Track and trace photographs on line items
Quick integration with Carrier or Asset Owners’ operating system
Custom-coding of depots in addition to ISO codes
Auto population of data fields
Identifies problem areas in depots world-wide

Committed pro-active customer support highlights:

Clearly defined Service Level Agreements with 24 x 7 support
Online interactive support option available
Complete deployment and training provided

Technology aids businesses to tap their markets at all levels. Business software
allows employees to process more information than they could do before with
traditional methods. Business owners can also implement technology to reduce the
amount of human intervention in business functions. By accessing a centralized
portal, employees can transmit important data to other departments swiftly.
Businesses can thus remain steps ahead in the marketplace and create scope for
future growth.

VS&B Container group’s software solutions wing, iInterchange Systems,
delivers specialist software solutions for the container shipping and logistics
industry world-over. With leading edge software solutions from iInterchange,
you are reinforcing a business relationship with a company that recognizes your
present and future needs. idex24 will complement your company’s current

Tell us how we can assist you further on the journey ahead.

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