The core spirit of a well-administered and profitable Container Repair & Maintenance process boils down to effective and smooth communication with customers and stakeholders from a single, unified platform. With a well-oiled administrative apparatus, your business can cut down wasteful expenditures without hindering mission-critical activities that are key to your company’s growth and expansion.

Buying shipping containers involves high capital investment for shipping lines and leasing companies. To get the best commercial returns from such investments, the containers must serve the owners reasonably well for extended periods, often stretching up to two or more decades. How is this achievable, and how can shipping lines and container leasing companies derive the best returns on their investments?

With a proven container maintenance & repair software, you can effortlessly integrate existing modules into the product suite and work with an all-round one-stop solution that will improve the administrative procedures in container maintenance. You will notice a measurable jump in the productivity and profitability of your business.

Digital technology is steering ocean carriers and container leasing companies to a greater reliance on software tools to diminish expenses by reducing operational bottlenecks in repair and maintenance-related activities. Modern work automation principally focuses on the ability to respond quickly to customer queries by building repair estimates on the fly, handling documentation with ease and achieving faster turnarounds, leading to increased profitability and customer delight. Crucial attributes of such intelligent aids in the hand of M&R managers comprise:

  • Faster turnaround time, resulting in enhanced fleet utilization.
  • Quantifiable cost saving in M&R activity.
  • Common platform for all the stakeholders of M&R activity to handle their business processes in a transparent and efficient way.
  • Web-based solution that reduces the cost of ownership per user.
  • Well-defined SLAs that get you the best support from the service provider.

We look at some proven ways to ensure that your containers deliver years of service.

Buy from a reputable seller whom you can trust

When you purchase containers from a reputable source, you are getting a quality product, because such sellers follow established norms while sourcing goods from manufacturers.

Keep the container roof free from debris, water and snow

High-grade CORTEN steel, which is used in container manufacturing, is also susceptible to rust formation from prolonged exposure to rainwater, moisture and snow. Therefore, periodic inspection of the roof adds life to your container.

Look for dents, rust formation, scratches and debris

Dents on the roof are prone to attract rain water, which can cause rust. Scratches on the container body can attract debris and moisture, which can also cause rust formation.

Lubricate door hinges and handles

Cargo door hinges require lubrication to remove traces of dust, moisture and other debris that impairs their smooth operation. An application of commercial grade lubricant restores the door hinges and handles to their original state.

Be watchful of condensation

Moisture and condensation that develops in containers is a problem that can cause loss of precious cargo. To circumvent this, ensure that your containers are well ventilated. Installing dehumidifiers and desiccants can stop moisture formation.

iRepair is a web-based container maintenance and repair solution for carriers and repair vendors that addresses key aspects of your M&R process to enhance productivity and cut down the repair cycle time, leading to better fleet utilization. The software provides better control over repair costs and tracks the status of every repair job undertaken, adding value to the carrier’s operations by recording their approvals. iRepair empowers M&R administrators to make the right decisions and execute their work with confidence in a time-bound manner, bringing measurable cost savings.  Here are some salient features of the software:

  • Quick decision making with auto evaluation
  • Set configurable rules for global M & R process
  • Define customizable rules at the organizational level
  • Validate estimates before M&R approval
  • Configure auto approval and survey limits
  • Generate repair bills payable to vendors
  • Operational and management analysis reports, including KPIs.
  • EDI Management
  • Photo integration

VS&B Container group’s software solutions division, iInterchange Systems is a chosen software solutions provider for container depots and ocean carriers. When you pick a solution from iInterchange, you are establishing a relationship with a company that understands your current and future needs.

How about starting a conversation on implementing a complete container leasing solution package for your company that complements your company’s ongoing success while also growing your business along the way?


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