Progressive business enterprises go that extra mile to shift gears from the traditional spreadsheet-based working methods to state-of-art software solutions to achieve automation in their work regime and maintain a leading edge, while at the same time serve an expansive, satisfied customer base. With precision software tools, integrity and good values, companies can craft a competitive business landscape to count among the leading names in the industry. The software that understands your needs and presents a tailor-made solution will be your ultimate companionship for the road ahead.

In the world of container trading & leasing, the proficiency to manage one’s assets – which primarily comprise shipping containers rented out for a fee, and the ability to exercise direct control over such assets, predict their maintenance needs and prolong their useful service life determine how well you can keep up cash flowing consistently into your business and guarantee customers will sign repeat business contracts with you.

Business enterprises must realize the importance of making data-driven decisions with ROI (Return on Investment) reporting. Expenditures for capital equipment purchase, their maintenance and replacement costs must be carefully weighed to arrive at the ROI. Strong reporting features in proven software solutions offer insights into tracking the portfolio of stock that generates good returns, while also identifying others that are doing not so well. Business decisions based on data and ROI will guarantee businesses stay profitable. It is a fact that companies that take data-driven decisions are bound to outperform competitors. Such companies maintain a leading edge over others, practicing exemplary business acumen and with an uncanny ability to foresee fluctuating patterns in customer preferences.

It pays to maintain visibility across multiple locations where you stock containers, rather than concentrate all energy on select prized locations that constantly generate high revenue out of natural demand & supply forces. Monitoring business activities across all locations is fundamental to the long-term success and growth of your business. Container trading companies need a solution that empowers asset owners to control activities they execute worldwide, check the stock in hand, supervise maintenance, and analyze the quality of work execution throughout the depot network.

You save a good amount of time and resources with effective forecasting, ensuring that containers are readily available at those locations where there’s a demand, while also giving a warning about potential low stock issues at locations because of repairs.

Proven software solutions in container leasing and trading present an array of benefits to users. The modules cover Masters and Admin, Container Procurement, Maintenance and Repair, Gate Operations, Container Sale, Rentals, Reporting.

Within these modules, some of the key functionalities include:

  • Complete visibility of assets worldwide.
  • 20+ masters, including currency, tax rate, and depot charge.
  • Purchase Order, sale quotation, sale invoice, and sale release documents.
  • Organizational structure, roles and right masters.
  • Profitability report by month and area wise.
  • Capture details of business partners such as depots, customers, vendors.
  • Capture lease rental per day rates and onetime charges.
  • Capture re-delivery cap quantity on rental contracts.
  • Booking by quantity and by container.
  • On-hire based on booking.
  • Outstanding payments receivables.
  • Issue redelivery authorization Off-hire based on redelivery authorization.
  • Excel uploads for on-hire and off-hire operations.
  • Container-wise profit & loss statistics.
  • Inventory report / Container history / Lease activity report / Depot activity report.
  • Sale invoices versus payments.
  • On-hire fleet report / Utilization report.
  • Alert emails.

iInterchange Systems is a preferred software solutions provider for container depots and ocean carriers.

iTrade from iInterchange Systems is a leading container trading software solution for firms dealing in container trading and rental. iTrade is a web-based software that oversees the entire trading cycle, providing complete visibility of your assets worldwide. It covers major functions within Container Procurement, Sales, Maintenance, Repositioning, Sub-leasing and Rental with timely alerts and report generation capability.

How about opening a joint discussion on implementing this proven and far-reaching container leasing solution package for your company? iTrade will go hand-in-hand with your company’s ongoing success, multiply your strengths and help you gain a leading edge over rivals.



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