The years that swept past us witnessed some of the most dramatic changes in the corporate world. Computers and smart phones transformed the way people execute their tasks and interact with one another, inculcating transparency and momentum in the accomplishment of goals. The Covid-19 pandemic the world recovered from recently, amply demonstrated the fact that a strong IT infrastructure can bring together human resources to a single platform, irrespective of their location, to work as an organized team to achieve corporate objectives with a touch of personal fulfilment.

What do these new ways of working mean for the shipping and logistics industry that’s one of the strong pillars of modern trade and commerce?

The shipping sector has traditionally dealt with voluminous documentation and approvals to get cargo moving and delivered to their final destination. Such cumbersome work procedures led to insurmountable errors, delays and consequential losses. The IT revolution that was transforming other industries encouraged the shipping sector to keep abreast of the new offerings and adapt to the changes.

Shipping container maintenance & repair is the mainstay of a smooth logistic supply chain. A well-managed Container Repair & Maintenance process that continually focuses on customer needs and satisfaction is the core of a successful M&R enterprise. Effective administration in M&R boils down to smooth interaction with customers and stakeholders from an integrated platform. With effective administrative apparatus, your business can slash extravagant expenditures while ensuring that the vital functions run smooth.

Buying containers involves enormous capital costs for shipping lines and leasing companies. To derive optimum profitability from such investments, the containers must serve reasonably well for extended periods, often over 25 years of revenue generating service.

What are ways the shipping lines and container leasing companies can get the best returns on their investment?

Time-tested container maintenance & repair software solutions incorporate existing modules into the product suite and perform as a one-stop solution to simplify and enhance administrative procedures in maintenance and repair related work. Companies will notice a measurable increase in productivity and customer satisfaction.

Work automation related to M&R activities relies on the ability to react swiftly to customer queries by building repair estimates on the go, manage documentation with ease and accomplish faster turnarounds, leading to increased profitability and customer satisfaction. Digital technology is spearheading shipping lines and container leasing companies to higher reliance on software tools to bring down expenses by slashing operational bottlenecks in M&R.  Essential attributes of such intuitive software solutions comprise:

  • Easy adoption of customer’s M&R workflow
  • 360° view of M&R operations across all locations
  • Ease of estimate input – WEB, EDI and upload
  • Process IN-SERVICE, OFF HIRE and EMERGENCY Estimates
  • Quick validation of estimates via EAE rules
  • Swift access to history, errors, attachments and notes

Let’s look at the proven ways to buy quality containers and increase their lifespan:

Consult a reputed container supplier to get the best deal

The life of a container is affected by the period it has been exposed to the environment. For instance, trans-oceanic shipping can take a toll on the lifespan of containers due to salt water contamination and harsh weather. Shipping containers that have experienced negligible oceanic voyage are likely to be in a better condition. One-trip containers that have made a single trip with cargo are as good as new in appearance and functional value, and will serve for decades. Reputed container suppliers will be glad to offer insights and help you make the right selection.

Impact from external forces

Containers go through physical harm from falls, road accidents, and collisions with moving equipment in and around the ports. This leads to weakened walls and doors, holes in floors or ceilings, and flaked protective coverings affecting the life of containers. Get containers examined by experts before purchase and save a lot of trouble later.

Examine and repair container roof tops

The roof of the container often goes unnoticed and ignored. Containers develop dents and scratches from other containers that are stacked above them, attracting rainwater that can deteriorate the metal sheets. Ensure that scratches and dents are repaired and treated with anti-rust coating.

Examine and lubricate doors and hinges

Moving parts undergo wear and tear, gather dust and moisture, rendering them inoperative. The hinges and door handles need period care by cleaning and greasing. The entry pivots and bolting bars must be kept free of dust and rust.

iRepair is a time-honored web-based container maintenance and repair software for the use of ocean carriers and repair vendors that deals with the key aspects of your M&R process to improve productivity and cut down repair cycle time. It leads to improved fleet utilization and gives better control over repair costs while tracking the status of repair jobs undertaken, adding value to the carrier’s operations. iRepair empowers M&R administrators to make the right decisions and discharge their responsibilities confidently and in a time-bound manner, bringing quantifiable cost savings. Prominent features of the software:

  • Configure depot/terminal and map to repair vendor
  • Set customizable rules at the corporate level
  • Segregate repair bills based on invoice group
  • Configure auto approval and survey limits
  • Produce operational and management analysis reports and KPIs
  • Receive repair estimates and completion EDI and reprocess EDI errors
  • View photographs based on estimate, survey and completion
  • Auto-integration of photographs with estimates

VS&B Container group’s software solutions division, iInterchange Systems is a preferred solutions provider for container depots and ocean carriers. When you choose a software solution from iInterchange, you are cementing a relationship with a company that understands your present and future software needs.

iInterchange System’s M&R software solution, iRepair, will supplement your company’s ongoing success. Do call us to know how we can help.


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