Successful management of profitable and growing business establishments operating in unpredictable economic circumstances can throw up challenges that can be difficult to cope with. We are witness to a plethora of crisis that engulfed the shipping and logistics sector recently, triggered by the pandemic first and then followed by a deluge of pressing anxieties, out of which the foremost was the acute shortage of containers that plagued the global trade & commerce industry. The marine sector is now on its path to recovery slowly but steadily.


How can businesses, particularly those allied to the marine industry, take advantage of modern technological innovations to confront challenges head on and emerge victorious in such a volatile and competitive business environment?


Businesses processes change continuously because they have to keep pace with shifting consumer preferences and market trends. The type of software a company uses to run its daily operations influences how well the processes work in the background and sends timely alerts to the users to ensure that all procedural deadlines are met. The software that is fine-tuned to your business needs will improve productivity and drive value all way through the work cycle. Software solutions cut costs and improve work efficiency by automating routine tasks. They help in quantifying productivity and streamlining business operations, while also replacing voluminous documentation involving hard copies. The software you choose must integrate with your existing systems and meet regulatory requirements, and at the same time deal with changing business needs. Upgrading to a new software to run your tank container depot operations will prove to be a game-changer to achieve growth, profitability and customer satisfaction.


iTankDepot is a leading edge, one-stop tank container software solution to manage the key operations in your tank container depot. This specialized software solution focuses on addressing your troubles while also enhancing operational efficiency. It handles gate moves and tank container M&R cohesively. iTankDepot provides complete tracking of your tank container inventory, enabling you to perform activity-wise customer billing and extract different business-critical reports.


iTankDepot from iInterchange Systems is a time-honored cloud-based tank container depot management system. Custom-made to manage key aspects of all depot operations, it guarantees enhanced fleet utilization, giving better control over all activities while adding value to a tank container depot operator’s in-house processes. iTankDepot empowers container depot administrators to execute their responsibilities with conviction and in a time-bound manner, bringing quantifiable savings to your company. Leading features of the software:


  • Product management features
  • Categorize product with IMO Class and UN number
  • Repository of MSDS for all products
  • Configure standard and customer-specific cleaning rates
  • Assign product-wise cleaning procedures
  • Pre-intimation registration to speed-up Gate-in process
  • Provision to provide bulk Gate-in of tank containers
  • Inward and Outward pass generation
  • Record container specification with test details
  • Record gate moves through tablet
  • Handle empty and laden container movements
  • Configure customer and equipment specific handling charges
  • Equipment-based or volume-based storage charges
  • Attach images


Computerization in tank container depots relies on the competence to answer customer queries promptly, manage crucial documentation, and complete faster turnarounds, leading to higher profitability and customer satisfaction. Time-honored container depot management tools incorporate prevailing modules into the product suite and function as a universal solution to simplify and boost administrative work flow.


Tank container depots managers who aim high will gain a strategic advantage with precision software tools developed by industry specific experts possessing varied experience. Such software tools come with a competitive price tag, prove flexible and scalable as business needs grow, and produce tangible results when the software becomes operational.


VS&B Container group’s software solutions division, iInterchange Systems, is a preferred IT solution provider for tank container depots. By employing such leading edge software solutions from iInterchange, you are consolidating a business association with a company that understands your present and future needs.


iInterchange System’s tank container depot management software, iTankDepot, will complement your company’s ongoing success. Let us know how we can assist you further on the journey ahead.



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