Innovation has become the key survival factor in today’s digitally connected
world. The emergence of newer and ground-breaking technological
answers to our problems is a regular phenomenon in the cyberspace we live
today. To keep pace with the technological transformations taking place,
businesses world over are overhauling their working methods, where a vast
majority of them are accomplishing their daily work routine using laptops,
tablets and smartphones connected to the internet.

It has become imperative that all business activities allied to the marine transportation
sector must take advantage of the benefits offered by technological innovations to face
challenges boldly and learn from the way other sectors have prospered amidst tough

Business innovation is the process by which a business concern implements a new set of
working method that will serve them competently. Innovation can mean a new product
or service, a workflow enhancement, or an idea that improves the working of a business
establishment. In this respect, modern software tools play a central role in instilling a
sense of passion among the staff to fulfil company’s objectives. The right software tool in
the hands of a company’s workforce brings transparency and a deep commitment to
finish assigned tasks on time. Laborious and wasteful paperwork are eliminated,
resulting in optimum utilization of time. The software that adapts to an organization’s
needs will improve productivity and drive value all the way through. Besides measuring
productivity and restructuring daily operations, it also replaces time-consuming manual

Progression to a state-of-the-art software solution like iTankDepot to run your tank
container depot operations will be a timely transition to pave the way towards
generating higher revenue, growth and profitability for your business. iTankDepot
developed by iInterchange Systems is a groundbreaking, all-in-one tank container
software tool to manage the key operations in a tank container depot. This specialized
software solution focuses on addressing your needs, whilst enhancing operational
efficiency. iTankDepot provides exhaustive tracking of tank container inventory,
enabling the depots to perform activity-wise customer billing and extract different
business-critical reports. The software’s features include:

  • Pre-intimation registration to speed-up Gate In Process
  • Provision to perform Bulk Gate In of containers
  • Facility to generate Inward and Outward Pass Generation
  • Record container specification along with test details
  • Record Gate moves via tablet
  • Manage empty and laden container gate movements
  • Configure customer and equipment specific handling charges
  • Apply equipment-based or volume-based storage charges
  • Attach images
  • Search through tank and product database
  • Automated daily movement and stock reporting
  • Customizable invoicing
  • Integration with your finance system

User benefits:

  • Multi-location, multi-currency support: scalable as your operation grows
  • Extensive reporting: KPI’s to monitor operations
  • Receive periodic tank test reminders
  • Bulk handling of approval requests and cleaning certificates
  • Easy and fast deployment – web-based solution
  • Well-defined SLAs to ensure you get the best support from iInterchange Systems

iTankDepot from iInterchange Systems is a time-tested cloud-based tank
container depot management system custom-made to handle key aspects of all tank
container depot operations. It promises enhanced fleet utilization, giving expert control
over all activities while attaching more value to a tank container depot operator’s in-
house processes. iTankDepot empowers tank container depot managers to perform
their tasks with confidence and in a time-bound manner, producing quantifiable savings
to your company.

Implementing proven software solutions in tank container depots imparts the skill to
answer customer queries promptly and achieve faster turnarounds. Time-tested
container depot management tools like iTankDepot incorporate prevailing modules
into the product suite and function as a universal solution to enhance administrative
work flow.

The inclination to align with the times and become adaptable in today’s
digital age will steer unmatched growth and transformation for business
organizations. Progress, prosperity and greater market share for business
establishments will be dictated by how well they innovate and seek smarter
ways to attract customers. It should not come as a surprise that majority of
the world’s digital data was generated in the recent decades, and millions of
newer data get added to the world’s database every moment. Those who
reposition themselves with the changing times will stay relevant and have a
lot many exciting innovations to look forward to in this ever-changing
business landscape.

VS&B Container group’s software solutions wing, iInterchange Systems, is a
specialist software solution provider for container shipping and logistics industry
worldwide. By employing such leading edge software solutions from iInterchange, you
are consolidating a business relationship with a company that recognizes your present
and future needs.

iInterchange System’s tank container depot management software, iTankDepot,
will supplement your company’s ongoing success path. Please tell us how we can assist
you further on the journey ahead.

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