The world has seen an extraordinary growth of digital network in the past few decades. Information revolution has altered our working methods and shifted the gears of our economy towards the path of knowledge foundation and services. Optical communication networks are performing a principal role in exchanging massive amounts of data accurately and swiftly in real time. How can businesses harness the benefits of this IT revolution, stay in the limelight, and maintain profitability in their operations?


The internet revolution supported by advanced communication devices like smartphones, tablets and computers are major contributors to the establishment of the information revolution happening in the world. More than ever, information, whether it’s business-related or personal, gets dispersed swiftly and effortlessly.


Implementing an effective information system can cut down the number of hierarchies in an organization. Managers get to supervise larger teams and even confer decision-making authority to trusted employees. Innovative software solutions play a strategic role in inculcating a sense of passion and enthusiasm among the employees to accomplish company objectives. By completing assigned tasks with no scope for errors and in a time-bound manner, employees feel elated by their newfound success as they go about their daily job routines and responsibilities. From an organization’s point of view, the software that adapts to its needs improves productivity, drives value all way through, and brings in complete customer delight. Besides measuring productivity and restructuring daily operations, software tools also replace time-consuming manual entries. Such new working methodologies will serve stakeholders purposefully in an organized manner, and provide a clear vision for the road ahead.


idex24 is a value-added Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transfer solution that connects container depots, factories and terminals with carriers and asset owners, enabling a seamless exchange of business documents. EDI refers to the electronic interchange of business information in a standardized format, allowing information transfer via electronic means as a replacement for traditional physical documents. As a hosted service backed up by 24/7 support, idex24 is the fruit of 150 cumulative man-years of domain knowledge. idex24 incorporates a well-designed roadmap for enhancements and upgrades that guarantee a sharp competitive edge for customers.


Progression to a state-of-the-art software solution like idex24 will prove to be the right move for ocean carriers and asset owners to successfully take their business forward. This timely transition will pave a concrete path towards generating higher revenue, growth and profitability. idex24 developed by iInterchange Systems is a groundbreaking, all-in-one EDI software solution.


Key features include:


  • Microsoft .Net technology – scope for rapid application
  • Phased induction for depots – Test / Live
  • Manifold file transfer options – FTP/email/Web Upload/Web UI
  • Retrieval format as per customer need
  • No change required in existing IT set up
  • Wide tracking options
  • Email links for easy transmission of repair estimates
  • Redelivery and release authorization sent to depot via EDI – standard COARRI and XML
  • Repair approval sent via EDI – standard COARRI and XML
  • Ten reporting options
  • Monitor & analyze Gate-in and Gate-out activities
  • Export reports to MS-Excel
  • Newly added features include Tariff Management, Repair Tariff Validation, Preset approvals, Photo Repository


Key benefits:


  • Quantifiable cost savings
  • Improved repair turnaround time
  • Configurable present approval limits
  • Track and trace photographs on line items
  • Easy integration with Carrier’s / Asset Owners’ operating system


Committed pro-active customer support highlights:


  • Clearly defined SLAs with 24 x 7 support
  • Online interactive support option available
  • Complete deployment and training provided


The digital information revolution is throwing open an assortment of information for people to access. The disposition to line up with today’s times and become adaptable will drive unparalleled growth and change for businesses. Innovation will be the key pointer to progress, prosperity and greater market share. Those who reposition themselves with the changing times will stay significant, making the world an intelligent place to work and live.


VS&B Container group’s software solutions wing, iInterchange Systems, is a specialist software solution provider for the container shipping and logistics industry worldwide. Using leading edge software solutions from iInterchange, you are strengthening a business relationship with a company that recognizes your present and future needs. idex24 will supplement your company’s ongoing success. Please tell us how we can assist you further in the journey ahead.



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