The maritime industry governs 90% of international trade, and this conclusively goes to establish that transportation of goods by sea is the mainstay and an essential rudiment for a flourishing world economy. The course of “information communication technology” is fast-tracking in such a magnitude that customer demands and expectations ever keep escalating. Companies that depend on shipping to distribute their merchandise world over are persuading businesses associated with the supply chain, including container depot operators, to deliver proficient services and bring greater value to the transportation network. The digital revolution is touching every facet of our lives – from economy, innovation, science & education, to our well-being and sustainability. As times advance, newer digital technologies will replace current business models, institutions and society. The world will continue to flourish, where “information” will play a key role in human advancement.

 Information, in today’s digitally connected world, transcends physical boundaries, allowing stakeholders to form collaborations anywhere in the globe, leaving a deep bearing on our relationship with everyone we associate with. Internet and communication webs have helped harness and manage data in such a manner that people can now gain access to meaningful solutions, adapt to novel ways of working, and script their own success stories.

How are these innovative ways of working transforming the shipping and logistics industry today? In what ways are the allied sectors, particularly the container depot operators, profiting from the changes sweeping across the sector?

Modern web-based container depot management systems administer key depot functions, starting from gate moves, container survey and repair activities to billing and final settlement. They help serve customers fruitfully, fetching complete operational efficiency. Key benefits that accrue from proven software solutions for depot operations are:

  • Program depot operations & manage M&R with ease
  • Track and monitor depot’s daily operations
  • Wide-ranging billing & reports to help decision-making
  • Dynamic activity workflow process
  • Automatic container check digit computation for faster data entry
  • Web-based solution ensures quick and easy deployment
  • Clear-cut SLAs that guarantee excellent support from the solution provider

iDepot from iInterchange Systems is a time-honored web-based container depot management system for depot operators, perfectly tailored to manage the key aspects of all depot operations. It guarantees enhanced fleet utilization, giving better control over all activities while adding value to a depot operator’s in-house processes. iDepot empowers container depot administrators to execute their tasks with conviction and in a time-bound manner, bringing quantifiable savings to the company. Prominent features of the software:

Multiple depot and repair locations on a single platform

● Dashboards with overview of inventory and pending activity split, KPI’s and trends

● Rates and tariff management

● Auto approval and survey limits

● Bi-directional EDI setup, Invoice configuration and scheduling of reports

● Information relay on container arrival

● Gate movements and damage inspection

● Depot, customer and agent repair tariffs

● Manage multiple repair estimates for container / equipment

● Estimate capture with photos using Tab View

● Integrated EDI to & fro shipping lines and leasing companies

● Track EDI activities

● View historical information on equipment

● Transfer ownership of equipment

● Transfer equipment between yards

● Hold or release of equipment

● Raise bill against customer, party or agent based on billing frequency

● Handle & storage, repair, washing and package invoices

● Record payments against invoices

● Integrate accounting systems

The shipping sector has conventionally dispensed with enormous paper work and approvals to get cargo transported and delivered to its final destination. Such complex procedures led to challenging inaccuracies and delays that had far-reaching implications. The IT infrastructure progress that was transforming other industries stimulated the shipping sector to keep up-to-date with the new offerings and get acclimatized to the changes.

Time-tested container depot management solutions integrate existing modules into the product suite and function as a one-stop solution to simplify and boost administrative work flow. Automation in container depots relies on the capability to respond to customer queries proactively, cope up with essential documentation, and accomplish faster turnarounds, leading to higher profitability and customer satisfaction. Digital technology is guiding shipping lines and container leasing companies to higher reliance on automation to reduce wasteful expenditures and thus generate better operational efficiency in depot activities.

Container depots managers who set their goals high require precise software tools developed by industry experts. Such software tools must come with a competitive price tag, be flexible and scalable as the business needs grow, and must produce results as the software gets working.

VS&B Container group’s software solutions division, iInterchange Systems is a preferred IT solution provider for container depots and ocean carriers. When you choose a software solution from iInterchange, you are strengthening a business association with a company that understands your present and future needs.

iInterchange System’s depot management software, iDepot, will supplement your company’s ongoing success. Do call us to know how we can help.


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