Embracing mobile apps to streamline operations in container depots

Embracing mobile apps to streamline operations in container depots

How can you give your business the exclusive competitive edge and become a key player in the market? What are the tools available today that encourage efficiency, clarity and intelligent decision-making to achieve objectives at the work place?

Yes! Mobile apps are the answer to today’s competitive business landscape, where every company tries to outperform the other to gain a leading edge and get to the top.

Mobile apps give a sense of personal involvement in one’s work that comes from the nature of the handheld mobile phone that is a more like a personal device working as a power tool in the hands of the user. Using a mobile app is an extremely engaging experience for the user who feels responsible for his actions.

Modern progressive business leaders realize how vital it’s for employees to remain on their toes at all times engaging themselves with customers and fulfilling their expectations. Mobile apps play a major role now, something that was not possible with personal computers earlier, coupled with the wasteful documentation work and approval seeking rituals that were the norm, and to which people got accustomed as a matter of habit and compulsion.

Mobile apps are the ideal replacements to paper-based work processes. Doing away with time-consuming documentation eases the workload for depot staff, and the information gathered through mobile apps also helps in the assortment of data that can be used for detailed analysis and predictions on market trends.

It is imperative that container depot businesses simplify their work processes and smoothen their communication with the stakeholders. Assessing the condition of the containers during the check-in process itself, and sharing the images and data helps build strong trust and relationships with asset owners.

The world has gone mobile, but it’s never too late to unlock the potential of mobile apps to transform operations in container depots. iPIX is an exclusive mobile application developed by industry professionals to meet the needs of staff manning container depots. iPIX delivers smart image and data sharing functions between depots and asset owners bringing in efficiency in all the critical activities.

How does iPIX assist the asset owners?

  • Call for images of containers at the depot for specific reasons.
  • Track request status & see pictures through the browser or mobile.
  • API integration for data transfer concerning equipment activities like photo submission, Gate-in, Gate-out.
  • Instant submission of pictures by email.
  • Obtain bulk container images on a scheduled basis via secure FTP channels.
  • Integrate data with asset management system.

How does iPIX benefit container depot operators?

  • Live transmission of images to the asset owners.
  • OCR capability to speed up data entry.
  • Manage asset owner’s requests effortlessly.
  • API integration for transfer of data relating to equipment activity.
  • Easy integration of the operating system and email.

Technical highlights:

  • Modern Tech stack for rich user interface and experience.
  • User authentication using mobile or OTP via email.
  • Integration with user authentication systems such as AD, Office365.
  • Offline capability to help in areas with connectivity issues.
  • Strong user interface.
  • Role-based access to the system.
  • Integration with 3rd party services.
  • OCR to read container numbers and information.
  • Image segmentation to auto mark damages detected.
  • Scalable architecture to suit changing requirements.

iPIX from iInterchange Systems is a cloud-based mobile app software that sends out live images and data to support asset owners and container depots take the right decisions while keeping track of the progress of work.