How can the shipping industry keep pace with the advancing digital transformation?

How can the shipping industry keep pace with the advancing digital transformation?

Shipping companies world-over are embarking on a journey to become digitally enabled by infusing the powers of big data and leading-edge technology. The complexity in the operations of the maritime sector meant that the shipping industry was reluctant to embrace change early on. But evidently, the situation is transforming now.

The old-fashioned business model of the shipping industry was centered on selling capacity alone, relying on time-consuming and sluggish processes like the handling of voluminous documentation and approvals. Now, with the changing business landscape fuelled by unprecedented globalization and emerging technologies, the traditional methods are giving way to models that focus on offering higher value to customers with greater speed and efficiency.

Technologies such as the Internet of Things, Application Programmable Interfaces, Artificial Intelligence and sensors, coupled with the big data now obtainable are being applied to augment operations, heighten efficiency and drive down costs while increasing the uptime of vessels. Execution of these innovative ways necessitates a drastic transformation in working models, use of data and the practice of foolproof cyber security measures.

Newer technology and volatile market forces are influencing shipping companies and depot operators to reinvent their old-fashioned ways of working. Digital transformation dictates a company’s effectiveness in the business field by driving performance and enriching the lives of people. The possibility of autonomous shipping is looming on the horizon, while the efforts to decarbonize emissions by 2050 are progressing on the right track.

Mobile apps help maintain live and systematic tracking of the work progress in container depots. It enables quick and transparent settlement of insurance claims and issues that the regulatory authorities may raise. Modern mobile apps designed especially for container depots capture pictures on the go adding notes and sharing data with a few clicks.

iPIX is an exclusive mobile application developed by industry experts to accommodate the essential needs of staff manning container depots. iPIX brings insightful image and data sharing functions enhancing efficiency in all the critical activities taking place in container depots.

How does iPIX assist the asset owners?

  • Allocates tasks to depots with a few clicks.
  • Trace request status & view pictures through the browser or mobile.
  • API integration for data transfer concerning image submission, Gate-in, Gate-out.
  • Instant submission of pictures by email.
  • Receive bulk container images on a planned basis via secure FTP channels.
  • Integrate data with asset management system.

How does iPIX benefit container depot operators?

  • Transmits live container images to the asset owners.
  • Optical Character Recognition to quicken data entry
  • Manage asset owner’s requests effortlessly.
  • Application Programming Interface (API) integration for image submission, Gate-in and Gate-out activities.
  • Integrate the operating system and email in the same application.

iPIX from iInterchange Systems is a cloud-based mobile app software that transmits live images and data to help asset owners and container depots take the right decisions while keeping track of the progress of work.