Application for intuitive photo and data sharing between depot and asset owner

iPIX is a mobile and browser-based application to enhance the equipment controllability to the asset owner and helps to improve the efficiency of the depot user by capturing the live photos and data in smart way.

Improve the equipment management with real time data!


Asset owner

  • Request Container Photos at a depot for a specific reason
  • Track request status
  • View photos submitted by depot at anytime through browser or mobile
  • Share photos with third parties
  • API integration for data transfer for the equipment activities (Photo submission, Gate in, Gate out and etc.)
  • Instant photo submission by mail with a link to view photos
  • Receive container  images in bulk on a scheduled basis through secure FTP channels

Depot user

  • Container live Photo submission or upload from gallery to an asset owner
  • OCR readability to reduce data entry time
  • Instant information capture
  • Easy to clear asset owner’s request queue
  • API integration to integrate with depot management system for the equipment activities (Photo submission, Gate in, Gate out and etc.)

Technical Highlights

  • Approval workflow based customer on-boarding
  • Multi-Factor Authentication with mobile and Email OTP
  • Integration with any existing Auth systems like AD, O365 and etc.
  • Scalable & High Available Architecture
  • Modern Tech stack to give Rich UI and performance
  • Role based access to the system
  • Web and Mobile Supported
  • Offline capability in mobile app to work in no connectivity locations
  • Configuration based integration with 3rd party services to get container info
  • Monitoring the shared Container info based on their clicks and view


  • OCR to read the container no and information
  • Photo segmentation to auto mark the damages, rust and etc.



  • Cloud based application

For Asset owner

  • Easy to assign jobs to depots
  • Easy to trace container photos
  • Will reduce time to get the job done and data transmitted to persons and systems
  • Data can be integrated with the asset management system

For Depot user

  • Work from anywhere
  • Easy to track and complete pending jobs
  • Easy to capture real time photos and data
  • Efficient time management by integrating with operating system and direct e-mail facility in one application.