Maintenance and repairs in shipping containers

Maintenance and repairs in shipping containers

For the uninterrupted flow in maritime logistics, container maintenance is a significant procedure. But container damage is inevitable and would happen at any stage of the shipping right from the point of loading to unloading.
Unluckily, many shipping companies and tanker container owners end up paying huge money when it is not even their fault. Well, in such cases, you do need to know the importance of the Container M&R solution.

Major Reasons For Containers Getting Damaged

As per many shipping experts, one out of four containers that pass through any port gets damaged at the interchange points. Keep in mind that damages can happen due to human error, natural disasters, and even machine malfunctions.
Sometimes, the major human error would be the wrong choice of container for the cargo. Here as soon as you have selected the right container, that would have to be surveyed for previous odors, damages, ventilations, holes, temperature control, cleanliness, proper flooring, etc.
Now when the surveyor has provided the green light to the container, it could be stowed. Another important aspect you have to think about is stowing. A bad stowing is one of the major reasons that lead to physical damage to the container.
Overloading the container, tying up the cargo loosely, uneven distribution of the weight, and even insufficient usage of the dunnage would make the cargo sway away from the transport.
The major reason for this is the lack of supervision from the shippers, no basic knowledge about cargo stowing, and trying to save money without understanding the consequences of the actions taken.
Another major factor influencing the container damage would be the weather. As we all know weather is unpredictable and would lead to external and internal damages. The atmosphere near the ocean has huge levels of moisture and they would trap in the container and even get settled in the cold areas.
Now when the container goes to the hotter region, the moisture would condense into water and it would climb to the walls and even ceilings. That would begin to drip down and lead to container rain. Ultimately, that would lead to corrosion and rusting of the container walls.

Keep in mind that containers would deem to be unworthy and worthless due to contamination. The contamination would be due to odor and pests. Like for example, the container that had previously carried food items would pass the odor to the next cargo item like clothing.
Additionally, container damage occurs when there are loading and unloading. Inexperienced fork lifters would lead to causing dents, punctures, drop containers, etc. Now if these punctures and dents haven’t caused extensive damages, then they would be patched-up.

How Container Maintenance And Repair Software Can Help?

Just think of the container maintenance software as an effective tool. It would allow users to take care of the whole maintenance and repairs related to the intermodal equipment and even reduce costs. Also, the tool even cuts down the downtime of both the owned and leased units.
Improvement Of Maintenance And Repair Procedures With Informed Decision Making
Using good container maintenance & repair software, you can easily integrate other modules into the product suite. Most of the shipping cargo repair software is designed with the collaboration of leading industry experts.
Such shipping maintenance software provides a unique solution for improving the administration procedures of equipment maintenance and increasing efficiencies all around the business.

Benefits Of Container M&R Solutions For Shipping Industry

● Creates best analytical reports for highlighting the repair depots that are often slow, and those customers having consistent repairs, thereby leading to re-negotiation.
● Allocate and monitor costs from the third party suppliers through the usage of time-saving and unique interface among central operations and repair facilities.
● Find out patterns of the wear and tear records of each individual section of works that is carried out.
● Easily and accurate calculation of the true cost of ownership and identifying replacement units that have to be sent.
● Lower the whole downtime by increasing the efficiency of the M&R procedure.
● Allow users to assess the downtime of the units and the cost of the units that are not present from the fleet.
Proper Container Maintenance Saves Up The Fixing And Future Cost
Well, to put it in simple words, having good container maintenance and repair software would be great for shipping businesses. They can reduce the cost and even avoid the possible damages to a great extent.