These are fascinating times for a digital revolution across the shipping and allied sectors. The Covid-19 pandemic sent shock waves through the global maritime sector. Its repercussions and the high-spirited manner in which the industry bounced back have proved beyond doubt that a digitally connected world can overcome the challenges we face in our daily occupations. Business organizations are now more determined to speed up digital integration in their offices and production centers to simplify work procedures, reduce the scope for errors and make the workplace a fascinating one for employees to join hands together and achieve common company objectives.

During the peak of the pandemic and post normalcy, digital technology became the savior of maintaining business continuity. Earlier, low awareness and hesitation in harnessing the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud services were stumbling blocks. The new tools are accelerating the transition to a digital way of transacting business. Digitized process brings healthy value-creation, cuts costs for companies, and prepares them to take on future trends courageously. The business world now recognizes the benefits of digitalization.

A case in point of how digitally integrated shipping carriers have employed technology to make the best out of opportunities and meet the shifting expectations of customers is the trans-Pacific container segment route which is weighed down by issues like port congestion, constrained land transport resources, limited container availability and fluctuating demand. Here, carriers have started using digitally enhanced platforms to plan and rationalize vessels to serve high-demand routes and get berths on time, supporting service levels and dependability.

Digital technology brings significant enhancements in operational performance, and the maritime sector has tremendous potential to reap the rewards. Digitalization and optimization of maintenance lowers the cost of vessel upkeep, increasing the reliability of assets and cutting down inventory costs. Predictive maintenance by employing digital monitoring can enrich the dependability and lifecycle of assets, together with reducing the time spent on dry docks and improving maintenance standards.

The pandemic has reinforced the urgent need for digitalization in the shipping industry that includes ports, container depots and terminals, highlighting the importance of employing common standards and information sharing in electronic format. Approving digital copies in place of physical documents, pre-arrival processing, electronic payments and customs automation help hasten international trade.

The smooth operation of the shipping industry is closely interwoven with how efficiently its allied sectors perform. Tank Container Depots, for instance, have to focus on attaining productivity and operational efficiency while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. Software tools that streamline processes within the Tank Container Depots must oversee all critical areas and achieve quick user adaptability with ease of working. Essentially, proven software tools in Tank Container Depots cover the following functions:

  • Gate moves
  • Tank maintenance and repair
  • Track tank inventory
  • Activity-wise customer billing
  • Business critical reports
  • Configure customer database with tariffs
  • Estimate-wise photo uploads
  • Repair estimates, approval and surveys
  • Multiple estimate versions
  • Instant search and tracking of tank and product database
  • Periodic tank testing with timely reminders
  • Automated daily movement and stock reporting
  • Pre-defined KPIs to monitor operations
  • Customizable invoicing and emails for every customer
  • Credit/Debit Notes and miscellaneous invoices
  • Integration with current finance system

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