Great software and applications are often built in-house. But assume that you also want to add an important feature to your software that would enhance its performance further. The add-on feature you are looking at could be something that already exists as a third party software. So, why not take the advantage of integrating that software feature into your system, rather than develop a similar software internally?

Third-party software integration is the addition of an external data to a business app through an API (Application Program Interface). An API is a software intermediary that lets two different applications communicate with each other. Using a third-party software, developers add new features quickly with existing components instead of writing new codes from the beginning. For instance, if a developer plans to create an app to deliver an online service, the addition of a chat box into the app would be helpful. So in place of building a new chat interface, the developer uses an API to integrate the existing chat box component with the main application. With such third party software integrations, you thus save time incorporating features you need not build yourself. Third party software integrations have become an essential constituent in software development to save costs, incorporate powerful features and attract new customers.

What are the chief benefits of third party integrations?

Faster production
Third-party integrations save time. Compared with the time one spends writing software codes, you take comparatively less time with software integrations. You can thus devote the time saved for investing in other developmental activities.

Cost reduction
You cut down expenses on working hours. By investing the time saved, you refine the app by adding unique functionalities. So you can start with a modest but useful project and make it bigger and superior.

Combining better features
By utilizing third-party integrations, you incorporate superior features to your app. One must appreciate that independent software developers are experts in a particular domain, and the solutions they offer are flawless. So by integrating their software solutions to your app, you get the benefit of presenting world-class features to your customers.

Smooth user experience
Linking third-party integrations increases user acceptance and helps them use your application with ease.

Customer retention
Users stay with you by providing them with a superior user experience through reduced tool fatigue and fulfilling the answers they are looking for.

It is a proven fact that software integration enhances a tool to a great extent. But while integrating third party software, due diligence must be exercised and care should be taken to avoid using too many integrations. Evaluate the financial risks and benefits before choosing to use third-party integrations. Find out the necessity and reasoning for a particular integration of your app and keep your target audience in focus, since the main purpose of developing your application is to offer a pleasant user experience.

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