Fruits of a disruptive decision

Fruits of a disruptive decision

We are aware of the H1B bill that is being tabled in the US. Should we be even bothered? Yes of course and it is going to have an immense impact on the Indian software Industry from an economic angle. From a social angle, this is going to have an enormous impact on Thousands of Indians and their families. For so many Indians US is home currently and for so many other Indians, particularly from the IT Industry who think and want US as their future home. This Bill, if converted to a law will create a serious impact. We have already seen stocks of many Indian Technology companies having a free fall. There were many concerned parents and relatives of software professionals whose life could undergo a dramatic change. Well, it’s a big decision and I am not getting into the merits or demerits of it. I just thought of possible things that will happen due to this move.

We, as a country will get back some of the bright brains to work and deliver from our country.  BRAINGAIN in its true sense.

Good chances for new Indian Brands in software to emerge.

More engagements for Offshore Development.

Good possibility of Offshore rates to go up.

Some of the famous American brands may shift their base and why not? India could become their Headquarters.

As long as we keep up our core competency in this software Industry, we have nothing to be worried about. We may have to make some adjustments to the way we think. We are the most adaptive people on earth and we will do it. In the long run, it will be advantage INDIA.

Mr. I.Syed Farhadh Ali, Senior Vice President.

Disclaimer:The views expressed in this blog are the writer’s and are not an indication of the company’s view, action or strategy.