Augmenting maintenance & repair processes in container depots and terminals

Augmenting maintenance & repair processes in container depots and terminals

Today’s increasingly competitive business environment underscores the need for companies to apply the most modern technological tools to stay competitive, meet company objectives and keep stakeholders and customers satisfied. IT-enabled business efficiency tools contribute to overall work efficiency and optimal utilization of time and resources, minimizing the chances for errors while executing various work processes with speed and accuracy.

The shipping and maritime industry is the mainstay of global trade and commerce and a fitting example of how IT-enabled services can bring about a paradigm shift in the business arena to establish an atmosphere of efficiency, transparency, professionalism and ethical conduct at the workplace.

Well-maintained shipping containers in top condition are integral to smooth-running global supply chain processes. How can companies that manage container depots and terminals employ software tools in areas like repair and maintenance of containers? We will learn how such tools can enhance the workplace environment to speed up work processes, attain overall competency and high productivity with an extraordinary level of customer satisfaction.

Container depots and terminals are under increasing pressure to automate their work processes. With specific reference to repair and maintenance operations at container depots and terminals, let’s see how automation can bring a difference to achieving work efficiency by eliminating manual processes.

Most container depots and terminals rely on spreadsheets and emails to manage their daily work processes. Such outdated methods of executing routine tasks result in errors and inefficiency, leading to delays impacting productivity. In contrast, IT-enabled solutions can transform the entire work cycle bringing excellence in all spheres of work processes related to repair and maintenance that include:

  • Exchange of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) between Depots, Terminals and Shipping Lines.
  • Generation of Repair Estimates, Tariff uploads and Automatic approvals.
  • Dashboards that display the complete fleet of containers, their real-time location, preparedness for shipping, containers under repair.
  • Easy integration of the software system with Finance and Container Tracking Systems.
  • Management of components inventory such as generator sets, chassis and other container accessories commonly used.
  • Collaboration and exchange of communication among stakeholders such as vendors, depots, surveyors and recovery agents through EDI.

Cost-effectiveness is attained through reduced workforce, prevention of revenue leakage and reduced paperwork. Software tools used by container depots and terminals must be highly flexible and capable of handling customer-specific rates with the generation of scheduled billing and reports, and must be scalable to match the growing needs of a company.

When choosing software, companies should look for key features that incorporate:

  • Ease of entering estimates.
  • Easy integration with the Operating System, Finance, Business Intelligence Team, Repair Company and Surveyor.
  • Capability to handle In-Service, OFFHIRE and Emergency Estimates.
  • Bulk Estimate actions–Approval and Completion.
  • Quick validation of repair estimates.
  • Access to repair history, earlier revisions.
  • Auto evaluation of individual repair quotes with the actual tariffs.
  • Auto evaluation of repair companies in terms of quality and accuracy.
  • Auto checking of equipment in fleet and equipment data match.
  • Evaluation of repair cost versus depreciated value.
  • Facilitateset pre-determined conditions for M & R process.
  • Generation of audit summary and action plans that act as reference points for future audits.
  • Add-on modules–Analytics, 3rd Party Integration and Mobile App.

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iInterchange offers iRepair via “On-Premises” model through the purchase of license and on “Cloud” through subscription.