A leading tank container depot in the Middle East was evaluating software solutions to manage their operations. While iInterchange Systems offered a depot reporting solution, the operations at this depot were complex, specific to tank containers and required a comprehensive solution to handle this.

We met their requirement by developing a solution for them that is helping them achieve their aim of “system automation” at their facility and continually enhancing the solution to adapt to their evolving processes.

A 150-year old public sector company under the government of India required a software to manage its CFS operations across the country.

iInterchange Systems provided a software solution to cover the complete suite of CFS operations – Imports, Exports, Auction, Warehousing and Yard Management with auxiliary operations of Equipment Management, Spares Management, Fuel Pump, Bonded Cargo & Billing for transactions involved. This was implemented successfully across all three CFS locations – Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai.

iInterchange Systems developed a software solution for the world’s third largest shipping line to manage the global Maintenance and Repair activity of its entire container fleet.

Implemented in 2012, the application is being used globally to manage their M&R Operations across their 20+ M&R offices.

Cronos Enterprise System (CES) is an enterprise tool which is developed by iInterchange Systems for one of our stakeholders Cronos, a container leasing company based in the UK. CES, which is a 430 man-month project, is a complete Leasing Operations Management solution developed exclusively for Cronos in 2004. Through the CES software solution, Cronos managed more than 1 million TEUs with a value of $1.0 billion. During the development phase, we interacted with the Central IT team of Cronos to address their different geographical needs. The application went live in 2009 with their 20 Global offices transact business using CES.

A dedicated Offshore Maintenance team based out of Chennai continued to maintain and enhance the application.