Our product offerings are divided into five primary segments. Navigate to the segment relevant to your requirement to find the product best suited to your need.

If your requirements are not covered by our existing products, we can develop a bespoke solution for your need. See our capability under iSolution, or Contact Us for more details.

Yes. Send us a request here or call us on +914442048800. Our sales representative will get in touch with you to schedule a demo.

Our Support Team, based in Chennai, India, works round-the-clock to support our global customer base. They can be contacted online – over email or chat and by telephone. The team ensures that your queries are prioritized and addressed as per our well-defined Service Level Agreement.

There is typically a warranty period for each product, during which time customers will be provided support free of cost. After this period, customers can choose to sign up for an optional Annual Maintenance Contract, which will make them eligible for ongoing support and free product upgrades.

The number of users supported typically ranges from 10 to unlimited. Depending on your requirement, the appropriate license and hardware recommendation will be provided to you.

We offer a variety of pricing models, allowing you to choose the one most convenient for you:

  • Single Server License: Application hosted on customer’s servers/ infrastructure. One-time fee towards the software license.
  • Web-Hosted Software License: iInterchange will host the application on the cloud. One-time fee towards the software license. Monthly fee applicable for software hosting.
  • SaaS/ Usage-based Software License: Option available for some of the products.

Except for idex24, which is a hosted solution, all our products are web-based. If the customer chooses to host the application on their servers, iInterchange will provide them with a recommended hardware specification. This typically includes requirement for a web server, a database + reporting server, and varies depending on the product and number of concurrent users that need to be supported.

Our standard products can be deployed on your servers remotely (by an offsite team). The deployment and configuration of our standard products is typically done within a week. The necessary training will be provided to the usage team by our product specialists.