How technology is shaping the shipping and logistics industry to face the future

How technology is shaping the shipping and logistics industry to face the future

The way our world conducts transactions today is essentially influenced by how technology has evolved over the past few decades, pushing the limits of human intelligence and creativity.

Technology has enriched productivity in the supply chain process, reducing overheads and the possibility of errors. These advances have streamlined ocean & air transportation, trucking, supply chain management and shipment tracking. The shipping & logistics landscape is fast changing from the encouragement of a host of emerging technological marvels. Let’s explore some key technological advances relevant to shipping and logistics.

Shipment Tracking
It was not long ago that when people ordered merchandize, they were left to the whims and fancy of the supplier and transporter to know the status of delivery. This scenario has changed radically over the past few years, thanks to the broadening reach of affordable internet networks and a host of software tools working hand-in-hand. Customers now track the real-time status of a shipment with a soft touch on the smartphone and receive automatic alerts on their mobile phones.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Sensors
Logistics companies use RFID tools extensively, where a tag or barcode placed on the package transmits radio waves. Companies process these radio waves to monitor the location of containers and packages. Modern electronic devices equipped with sensors and Wi-Fi capabilities can be activated directly from smartphones. By eliminating risks, the supply chain stakeholders gain by minimizing costs and delays. Sensors fitted in trains, ships and other modes of transport transmit signals to systems that track their movement.

Global Positioning System (GPS)
GPS provides users with accurate positioning, navigation and timing. Modern transportation tracking systems provide data that are vital to cost assessment and customer service to increase productivity. From a hand-held mobile device, one can locate vehicles, prepare driver assignments and implement cost-saving measures.

Autonomous Trucks and Drones
It might sound like a leaf out of a science fiction movie today, but soon, it would be commonplace to see products being delivered to doorsteps by drones and driverless vehicles. Companies like Tesla, Uber and Embark are actively involved in testing self-driving vehicles to convert such ideas into practical propositions.

Social Media
Social media platforms are the quickest way for logistics companies to communicate with customers, prospects and stakeholders. It can broadcast industry news and messages at lightning speed. Social media is proving to be effective in answering customer concerns and queries.

Keeping pace with up-to-date technology is the way to enhance efficiency and productivity in all spheres of life. The shipping and logistics industry is a key beneficiary of such modern software solutions.

Software solutions in Container Repair & Maintenance-related activities simplify communication with customers. It aids quick response to customer queries by preparing repair estimates and documentation on the fly with faster turnarounds, leading to heightened customer satisfaction. Important features of such modern software solutions embrace:

  • Convenient interface with alerts, prompts and user notes.
  • Dashboard, with a comprehensive view of the M & R operations at all centers.
  • Administration of work processes from a shared platform.
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) compatibility.
  • Auto-generation of bills payable.
  • Incorporation of external modules into the product suite.
  • On-site accessibility for site inspectors.

Container Repair & Maintenance software supports smooth interaction with customers and stakeholders from a single platform. Businesses can thus bring down wasteful expenditures and focus on mission-critical activities to achieve faster growth.
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