In the world of international shipping, shippers favor the use of leased containers over outright purchase, particularly for the low-volume transportation needs. A majority of shipping containers world-over is owned by the leasing companies themselves, so one can guess the volume of leased containers in use. When a carrier does not see economic logic in spending money to purchase containers, leasing emerges as the best viable alternative. Container leasing companies offer flexible leasing options to suit individual user preferences. So the market for leased containers is huge and growing fast. A shipping container’s usefulness stretches over the period of its entire structural durability, where the leasing firms can also dispose of their assets to other sectors later.

 How can leasing companies manage their assets skilfully to get the best out of their investment?

Container leasing companies should employ software that can handle huge inventory with efficient fleet management and real-time tracking of asset movements. Powerful lease management software tools must also incorporate efficient repair management with key decision points and must be able to administer leased container contracts smoothly.

User-friendly container leasing software solutions are simple to learn and adapt, providing spontaneous results. This suggests that managing your container leasing business will not be a daunting task, and it will ease your daily work routines. Container leasing software tools come to your aid by reducing risks and uncertainty, enabling seamless integration with contracts, financials, inventory and customer details.

Robust container leasing software helps customers save time by eliminating wasteful clerical and secretarial work procedures. Employees can thus devote quality time to solving more pressing matters that would need good analytical thinking and decision making.

Essential features of effective leasing software must satisfy all facets of inventory handling, including:

  • Adaptability to handle huge inventory for small, medium and large-scale operations.
  • Intuitive Data Visualization
  • Web-based, responsive and device independent
  • Asset visibility
  • Lease management with overriding options
  • Billing with Control and Flexibility
  • Configurable emails & workflow Alerts
  • Generate and store Documents
  • Configurable Role Rights
  • Integration with third-party applications

 The Fleet Management module typically covers Fleet Acceptance, On-hire Fleet, Depot inventory and depreciation calculation for the asset owner.

The lease module must take care of:

  1. Multi -currency
  2. Lease versioning with back-dating option
  3. Redelivery CAP Options
    • Fixed CAP (Monthly / Weekly/Quarterly/Lifetime )
    • Tiered CAP (Based on hired Quantity)
    • Lease shared CAP
    • Location shared CAP


  • Post Build Down Terms
  • Lease Agreements
    • Dynamic creation
    • Attach existing agreement
    • Special offers to override lease agreement


  • Multiple Rental Rates Option
    • Fixed (Daily rental / Monthly rental)
    • Tiered (Days / Age / on hired quantity)
  • DOCH Options: Fixed & Tiered

 Other hallmarks of a reliable software service provider are their expertise, dedication and professional attitude to customers. Business critical software solutions in container leasing must provide the essential functionalities together with a measure of support that is essential to maintain continuity in today’s changing business environment driven by newly emerging technologies. With a comprehensive lease management solution, users can manage all operations from procurement to sale of containers.

iInterchange Systems is a chosen software solutions provider for container depots and ocean carriers.

iCORAL from iInterchange is a complete leasing solution software designed by industry experts and optimized to handle container leasing operations. Built for small, medium and large-scale operations, iCORAL embraces activities from procurement to sale of containers with its inclusive Lease Management Module. iCORAL is a web-based software solution that your branch offices world-over can access via subscription mode. Backed by a detailed after-sales-support mechanism, iCORAL is the result of a proven, tried and tested architecture that has grown over the years.

How about beginning a discussion on putting into action a complete container leasing solution package for your company to guarantee your company’s continuing success journey?


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