How do modern software tools support maintenance & repair activities at container depots?

How do modern software tools support maintenance & repair activities at container depots?

The opening up of trade barriers, advancing technologies and the industrial prowess of some nations have steered the rapid reach and use of manufactured goods across the globe. Shipping containers are the lifeline of international trade & commerce, and as one would expect, the container industry has also kept stride with the exponential economic growth and prosperity the world has seen in recent times.

For shipping lines and container leasing companies, containers entail a major capital investment. To obtain the best commercial returns from such investments, the containers must serve the owners satisfactorily for extended periods, often stretching up to decades. How is this feat achievable, and how can shipping lines and container leasing companies maximize returns on their investments?

Shipping containers are robust steel boxes manufactured from a special compound of quality steel known as COR-TEN that gives a high degree of protection against atmospheric corrosion. They are designed to last a long time with some care and routine maintenance.

The floors of containers are particularly vulnerable to decay from the build-up of moisture. They should be placed on level ground that remains dry in all weather. Placing containers on solid blocks would help to keep the underside of the floor clean. It is natural that containers will attract rust formation over a period of time from the natural properties of steel. But rust formation can be delayed or controlled by eliminating all chances of dampness inside out and ensuring they are not exposed directly to chemicals and liquids. Moving parts like door handles, locks and hinges must be regularly greased for their smooth operation.

The loading and unloading process often results in minor dents on the steel body of the container. These dents are prone to collect water, particularly on the roof and floor, and could cause rust formation. So such dents must be attended to regularly.

One of the primary objectives of ocean carriers and leasing companies is to execute maintenance and repair jobs with a high degree of professionalism and efficiency. Software solutions in M & R activities further enhance the quality and speed of the work process. It reduces response times and offers smoother communication with customers and stakeholders.

Digital technology is leading ocean carriers and container leasing companies to a greater dependence on software tools to cut costs by minimizing operational bottlenecks in Repair and Maintenance-related functions. Such process automation essentially focuses on achieving quick response to customer queries by building repair estimates on the fly, effortless handling of documentation and faster turnarounds, leading to increased profitability and customer delight. Essential features of such modern tools include:

  • Comfortable interface with alerts, prompts and user notes.
  • Dashboard with a broad view of the M & R operations in all locations.
  • Shared platform for stakeholders to supervise their processes transparently.
  • Compatibility with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).
  • Auto-generation of bills payable.
  • Comfortable integration of other modules into the product suite.
  • On-site accessibility for site inspectors.

The core of specialized Container Repair & Maintenance boils down to transparent communication with customers and all stakeholders from a unified platform. Your business can cut down wasteful expenditures without obstructing mission-critical activities for faster growth and expansion.
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