iInterchange completed 12 years and the journey has been an exciting one. Now with 110 employees and 9 products we have created a niche for ourselves .

From a small beginning of being a value added EDI service provider, we have expanded our customer segments to Liners, NVOCC, Freight Forwarders, CFS, Logistics Service providers and Tank operators worldwide . 900 depots use the iDex24 service and with 10 leasing companies worldwide using the service . The entry into the tank operations system and Tank depot operations is also now the major focus this year apart from container leasing systems .
The CMMi certification received last quarter was a feather in our cap and a validation of the processes within the company .
From being in Chennai alone for 10 years , we have now moved also to Mumbai , Dubai, and will start Singapore representation from June ’16.
Exciting times ahead , indeed !

– Bijoy Paulose, Managing Director – iInterchange Systems Pvt. Ltd

Disclaimer:The views expressed in this blog are the writer’s and are not an indication of the company’s view, action or strategy.