It’s a dreadful thought. Will there be Enterprise Applications at all in future? YES, there will be. But they will not be sold as Enterprise Applications. Applications that merely help businesses run their operations will come under severe threat. Applications have to quickly scale up to address the changes that threaten the fundamental and traditional methods of functionality mapping, pricing and delivering

Then where is the opportunity space?

The Opportunity space will move into the areas of Data Visualization, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and seamless integration between Enterprises that leads to Collaborative Efficiency enhancement. Another value-add area could be an extensive availability of self-managed services for the Enterprises’ customers through well conceptualized and designed Portals. These Portals will have unimaginable levels of availability across devices and platforms along with path-breaking User experience. Systems will become intelligent to the extent that they will study the behavioral patterns and needs of a cross-section of users and align themselves well to serve them.

So, where is my Cheese?

It may go to the extreme extent where Operations Management solutions will become available free over the cloud. Then where is the money? The real value creation will be driven by the opportunity space as defined in the earlier paragraph. These changes may not happen immediately. But certainly, it’s not going to take too much time either. So Organizations in the Business of developing and selling Enterprise operations management applications have to come out of their traditional thinking. Their revenues will depend on how well their offerings address these game changers.

The day is not too far.

Syed Farhadh Ali | Chief Business Officer, iInterchange Systems

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this blog are the writer’s and are not an indication of the company’s view, action or strategy.